Designing an Organic Website Redesign

After conducting research on Dr. Kade GmbH’s brand identity and target audience, I designed a website that included organic elements to match the company’s association with natural and organic ingredients. I used natural colors, textures, and imagery of plants and nature to create a welcoming and approachable atmosphere. I ensured the website was easy to use, with clear navigation and call-to-actions. I also made sure the website was responsive to different devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. After getting feedback from the Dr. Kade team and making revisions, the website was launched successfully. The design process involved research, wireframing, high-fidelity mockups, and the incorporation of natural elements.
No Shortcuts

Designing Success

As the lead designer on the project, I was proud to have achievedthe success of the new Dr. Kade GmbH facelift. After several rounds of revisions and testing, the website was launched to great success.

The company saw an increase in online presence and customer engagement, and the new design was well-received by customers and stakeholders alike. It was a great achievement to be part of the team that helped modernize and optimize the company’s online presence.

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