Designing a Presentation App for Commerzbank: Advancing Internal Processes

In the era of digitalization, businesses must keep up with technological advancements to stay competitive. Commerzbank, being one of the leading banks in Germany, understands the importance of adopting modern tools to enhance internal processes. As a freelancer, designing an app for Commerzbank that allows employees to create presentations without relying on traditional software can bring numerous benefits, including cost savings, increased productivity, and accessibility, while maintaining brand consistency.

Keys to success

Interactive content

Key success for the project was to include interactive content like video, animations, interactions and action that would trigger the backend.

WYSIWYG editor

Creating content with the PWA is easy for the average user. The user-friendly interface, pre-designed templates, fonts, and graphics simplify the process, allowing anyone to create professional-looking presentations. This frees employees to focus on content creation and effectively conveying their message.


The usage of data was critical for the dashboard’s effectiveness. The dashboard’s visualizations and metrics allowed for data-driven decision-making and provided valuable insights for the bank’s operations.