Be better than those you admire!

Well hello there! Looks like you’ve stumbled upon the introduction of a curious and experienced product designer – me !

I like to think of myself as a design leader who balances opinionated leadership with different kinds of ownership and individual decision-making. In other words, I’m not afraid to speak up and take charge, but I also value the input and ideas of my team.

If you work with me, get ready to be transparent and share your work in progress often. We’ll embrace challenges as opportunities and prioritize collaboration over working alone because let’s be real, the best work is done when we work together.

When I’m not pixelating in Figma, I’m probably attacking Notion with post-it notes and strategies. I make sure to listen carefully and understand how each piece fits into the bigger picture. And with my design roots and analytical mind, I’m always ready to tackle problems and drive projects and teams forward.