Be better than those you admire!

By now you are a bit more interested in my portfolio and my works so you would like to learn something more about me.

My portfolio and previous work experiences provide a glimpse into my passion for the design process and my commitment to delivering high-quality results.

As a designer by heart and a professional nerd, my journey in the field began with small projects. Over time, I developed a deep understanding of what design truly means and honed my skills in front-end coding and new techniques. Currently, I am at a stage where I am able to manage processes and workflows to help businesses grow.

My current focus is on assisting designers in becoming more effective communicators. I do this by sharing my own “dog-food” – that is, documenting everything, asking questions, developing listening skills, and, most importantly, understanding the problem at hand before prioritizing tasks and assigning them to the appropriate individuals for implementation.

My ability to understand complex issues comes from my natural curiosity and tendency to observe and question things. Through my experience in designing and supporting the development of various SaaS products, I have come to understand that design is a constantly evolving process.

I am fluent in English, German, Greek, front-end development terminology, and project management jargon. In my free time, I enjoy writing down ideas in sketches, playing chess, and delving into complex problems.

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me and please feel free to reach out if you have any further questions.