Brainstorming a lot. A LOT!

For this project I was invited to create a product marketing plan. We discussed the initial vision that the company has and the channels where we will post this, and reached out to amazing Motion Designers to helps us bring these ads to life. In summary, a successful video ad campaign requires collaboration, a clear understanding of company vision and product selling points, and the ability to iterate and refine the approach based on data and feedback.

It starts with an idea

In the world of digital marketing, video ads have become an essential tool for brands to communicate their message to their target audience.

Prepare a storyboard

As Product Lead, my mission was to create a vision for a series of video ads that not only aligned with the company’s values and tone but also showcased the unique features and benefits in a clear and engaging manner.

Let's roll!

My ultimate goal was to make sure a memorable and playful ad would be created that would drive customer acquisition and engagement.