Athanasia is connected to my soul

While I’m drawing I most of the time think about the drawing itself. “What is this line’s shape? It’s curvature? How is the light affecting the face?” Sometimes I talk to myself about how I’m going to draw this line, or this eye, for example. “Okay, don’t draw too hard on the paper, and make sure to stay in the guidelines I drew beforehand.”

As I get into the drawing and I am liking what I see, I just say, “Alright, this is looking good, nice. Not even halfway done, but we’re doing fine so far”. When I get frusturated I even cuss inwards, which is pretty rare for me. I just shake my head and usually take a break.

56 cm


102 cm


Polished Baroque style

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Take a look below close-ups and pre-sketchings before the drawing.