Breathing life into a closed shop through carefull design

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Rebranding and relaunching can take many guises from the complete wholesale change of a company or product.

Rebranding is a complex process and should not be engaged lightly. You should most definitely conduct a brand audit to evaluate your brand’s weak spots and identify new areas for innovation and growth. Handled badly, rebranding can be damaging to business. Equally in the words of a Chinese proverb “if you do not plan for the future, you will get the one that shows up” and successful rebranding, relaunching and revitalisation adds significantly to a company’s long-term success..

Positioned and developed correctly brands offer a means of generating sustained growth, enabling companies to charge a premium. Equally, they also assist a company to resist or bounce back from competitor attack.

Brands are key to a company’s long-term survival and market leadership. Accountants and auditors the world over calculate the value of brands when determining book values on the company balance sheets. In the case of strong brands, the brand can be 70% – 90% of the stock market value (intangible assets).

Relaunching a website is apologetic to it's clients

In order to cope with modern standards, it is estimated that a relaunch should take place at an interval of arround 5 years. Most of the e-commerce websites that we visit need some sort of refinement, be it visual or technical, which solve usability and performance issues. In most cases the users expect to see radical changes towards UX & UI that which would help engagement and adaptability. Neglecting Front or even Back-end will lead to an even more costlier relaunch in the future.

Relaunching is problem solving

Usability and Performance are the main reasons why companies want to imporove their image to their clientele. Performance is measured from the harmonious interplay of Code & Hardware, while Usability is the wow factor.

If you treat your users by annoying them, or don’t help them solve their problem, you are going to get less traffic and reputabilty. Be their friend, they don’t know technology.

Relaunch is necessary

A relaunch is unavoidable for those who value seriously their business. Try using eBay or Microsofts website 10 years ago with todays standards. You will be lost and won’t ever want to visit them again. Good design should contribute to great impressions and a relaunch is like saying to the user, hey, we think about you.