Luxus Car Rental

Slider and Promotion for a Luxury Car Rental services based in Thessaloniki.

Luxurious Tour Agency


A city with a massive population and with futuristic technologies welcomes a Luxurious Tour Agency that establishes its viability from high class tourism and  provides a lot of services and with premium benefits.

The Agency is also a comfort suite with top of the line Mercedes vehicles, vans and buses that focuses on privacy among other features. The spirit of the agency was considered a fantastic experience because you are dived into all these expensive vehicles and plutocracy that you never see in your everyday life.

High-end Services

For high-end people

This Luxury Car Rental agency provides services that includes finest dining restaurant for its clients, various VIP-line clubs in the city and high-end delicacy excursions, so those clients who would see those pictures should feel comfort and security.

Some of the most premium services include Chauffeuring of clients on privately held event location and group traveling of the business team in 5-star private corporate Hotels