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A beginners guide.

I’m a big fan of JavaScript books. Being a long-time learner of JavaScript, I’ve had the pleasure of reading a great many of the popular JavaScript books on the market. These days I tend to skip the ones targeted to rank newbies, but I still read a lot of books intended for JavaScript developers with a little experience.

This is a strange time for JavaScript books. Because we just got a major update to the JavaScript language in ES6, today’s JavaScript syntax and style looks quite different from the ES3-ES5 style JavaScript you’ll see discussed in most books, but because ES6 is really just a superset of ES5, most of the old books have nuggets of learning that still apply.

Values of learning.

Books with well-thought design are eye magnets

In other words, the old books aren’t obsolete, they’re just showing their age a little — even the ones released only 2 years ago. It might seem like talking to a senior citizen who still uses slang from the 60’s. If you’re new to JavaScript, it might be fun to discover all the crazy hacks old-timers used to put up with just to use array methods on arguments. Enjoy the JS history lesson.

A Little Of Our Story

JavaScript is a modern poet

Some authors in the JavaScript community have written books intended to teach you ES6. I recommend reading them after you have a little familiarity with basic JavaScript. If you don’t know ES6 yet, read “How to Learn ES6”.

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