Some thoughts about design.

We designers have often a big dilemma in how to start designing our projects.

Most of us grab a pencil, and start designing the buttons, the shapes, some even try to redefine the logo, when others dive directly in Sketch and go full-on creative mode.

The problem is that we tend to ignore the needs of the customer and try to implement our own ideas without respecting the main concept. We usually go on and think more about the UI instead of UX and here is where most of us make mistakes.

A designer’s job is to sell.

Not in the sense of selling products, but in sense convincing that something is worth investing to. A great designer is a great visionary, when he can talk as if he draws, and draw as if he talks.

So in order to sell better, you need to understand what the client needs, and often they doesn’t need your Creativity or Design expertise, they need your ability to solve problems. They want you to think everything though and put order into their Chaos. You are, in a way, their savior, their problem-solver.


When starting to work with bigger and bigger projects, you need to realize that they are not paying to see beautiful boxes, they are paying to see how, this box is going to solve their issue, and most of the times, a good UX is an dull UI.


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