A platform to help people find out where they want to hang out

The inspirational story behind the idea and the people who produce it is another compelling reason for consumers to use the web over the competition. After all, when ordering a cocktail, would you rather send five dollars to a multinational conglomerate or two Start-ups in Frankfurt? Throw in that the design was included in the nation-wide newspaper and television and you have the origin of PouThaPame (where should we go?) amazing journey to where they sit today: leading the Greek place-seeking app.

So how do you touch someone’s interest in such a crowded marketplace?

This idea was so unique that unfortunately failed due to poor design choices of the Owner of the name. You can check their website even today but it doesn’t have the elements of my vision, or ideas of my design.

The idea behind the website:

Great ideas create amazing oportunities

Eventually it all comes down to how much your ideas are accepted. Although the idea was amazing, the initial investment was barely there at all, so as usual, small unique ideas were stomped by the big competition. Sometimes I think how would have this turned out if it had the appropriate pushing it needed.

Where things get interesting!

This admin panel, shows the idea I had for a greeting page when, say, Gellisimo administrators, log in to see their statistics and what can they do. A really great way for your customers to feel as though they are a part of something important and have a sense of community.