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Your odyssey has already begun!

We’re excited to share information on the new live events beginning October 16!

These events will allow more opportunities to face challenging battles and earn Epic and Legendary rewards.

Our live events will rotate weekly between Epic Ships and Epic Mercenaries, and are for players who have progressed to level 30 or above. Along with the daily quests and weekly contracts, completing these weekly live events will automatically reward you with a special currency, Orichalcum. This can be spent at a merchant named Sargon at the Oikos of the Olympians. Here you can purchase Rare, Epic, and Legendary items, as well as items offered from the store. This merchant will have new inventory arriving every week! Or you can spend Orichalcum on the Olympian Gift if you prefer to be surprised.

To participate in live events, contracts can be activated at any quest board in the game, as well as on your ship. They will be identifiable by the blue Orichalcum emblem next to the quest name. The events are timed and will rotate back again for another chance to dominate if the allotted time frame runs out. Enjoy the game at your pace and have these additional events to look forward to as you advance further into the game!

Epic Ships

Epic Ships will task you with a powerful ship that you must hunt down and destroy within the weekly time limits. They won’t be traveling alone; all Epic Ships will also be accompanied by several smaller ships defending them. Bringing an Epic Ship to the bottom of the sea will reward you with XP, Drachmae, Orichalcum, and a new ship design you can use to dress your own.

Epic Mercenary

Mercenaries are ruthless and tough opponents. Participating in one of these Epic Mercenary contracts will task you with hunting down and killing (or recruiting) a mercenary within the weekly timed limits. Defeating them will reward you with XP, Drachmae, Orichalcum, and an Epic item, either weapon or gear.

These live events will have you traveling all across Greece, facing new threats and reaping the rewards!

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