Victor S. Seferidis

Be better than those you admire!

By now you are bit more interested in my portfolio and my works so you would like to learn something more about me. If you are just interested in my skills, or knowledge, and not personality you can check my resume . Here I explain some of my more personal opinions.

First of all, I am married to my wonderful wife, Daphne, and we live in a beautiful part of BW, Germany, together with our motivator-dog Maggie. I am a designer by profession but a nerd at heart, I got my diploma in 2014, but have been working on design project way before that. I started with photography and trying to copy styles of others until I find my own. I gradually proceeded with learning new software and new techniques as well as developing other skills throughout my first jobs. It is a journey I guess most of us take, but to each his own.

I believe that every great project has its own concept and philosophy and it is this part of the project that I always feel more interested in. I read books mainly focused on the process of thinking. Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Pythagoras, Plutarch, Nitze, Sagan and even George Carlin. For me to understand is the result of observation and so is the nature of me to observe and question things.

If I could say that I have one good skill, that would be to question things. To properly question myself, and looking for the answer.

You will most likely catch me staring at a screen thinking something like “How does my design look without data”, while trying to figure out a creative solution that help solve the problem.

I am fluent with English, Greek, Russian and have no problem understanding in German. My interests include playing chess, fixing electronics, and repairing computers. I write my own ideas, try to be absolute, and fantasize with pen & paper.

That’s it for now.